The POWER SUPPLY UNIT is designed to be used with the CONTEL SYSTEM and can also be used anywhere a nominal 24VDC supply is required.

Power Requirements: 240VAC 50/60Hz
(110VAC, 130VAC and 220VAC versions also available)
Input Protection: HRC T500mA Fuse (T1A Fuse on 110/130VAC Units)
Output Voltage: 28VDC (Nominal)
Output Current: 2A Maximum
Indicators: System Active
Supply Fail (Line Powered) See Footnote 3
Connections: Screw Terminals (with cable protectors)
Maximum cable size 1.5mm2 CSA
Size: 187mm (W) x 120mm (H) x 85mm (D)
(excluding cable glands).

Warning: Isolate mains supply before removing cover.

TS1-1 Earth Connection See Footnote 1
TS1-3 Mains Input Live
TS1-5 Mains Input Neutral
TS1-7 Earth Link
TS1-8TS1-9 0VDC
TS1-10 0VDC
TS1-11 +28VDC
TS1-12 +28VDC


The ConTel system has been developed to provide a reliable, robust and effective industrial communication system. The parallel design of the system enables additional units to be added without wiring back to a central exchange. Because of the parallel design of the system the power supplies may be connected anywhere on the circuit referring to the following guidelines; Consideration should be given to avoidance of volt-drop problems. The Power Supply Unit should be located no more than 10m from the ConTel ring circuit if at all practical.

Ideally, the power supplies should be installed within a ring circuit and electrically, the Power Supply Units should be installed as far away from each other as possible (at halfway points if using two) An example is shown in Fig 1.

If a ring circuit is impractical Fig 2 shows an example of two Power Supply Units connected toward both ends of the system.
If only one Power Supply Unit is used (on a small system), it should be connected toward the centre of the system.


The POWER SUPPLY UNIT is designed to provide all the necessary power to the ConTel system. Consideration should be given to siting subject to guidelines given above. Mounting is via four M5 holes in the rear of the unit. A 5A switched fused spur should be used to provided for connection of the mains supply and earth connection. Cables must be as specified below. Connections are made in accordance with Connection Details above.

Fig. 3 shows the PCB that is mounted on the rear of the Front Panel. This board is permanently wired in. Care should be taken not to strain the cable harness whilst making connections to TS1.
Mains cable should be wired from a 5A Fused Spur in >.5mm2 3183Y (or similar), routed through the right-hand gland. This unit must be earthed. The low voltage wiring should be carried out using cable to CW1308 (telephone cable) routed through the left hand gland. Normally, only one pair for the DC supply is required. If the Power Supply Unit is located more than 10m from the ConTel circuit it is recommend to use two pairs in parallel. Exercise care when reinstalling the front cover to maintain separation between the mains and low voltage cables and to prevent trapping cables.

1 This unit must be earthed.
3 Supply Fail Alarm will only operate if more than one CC2001/PSU is connected

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive. This equipment has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards. If connected and operated as set out in this manual, there should be no Electromagnetic Compatibility problems. If any aspect of operation gives rise to concern, then please contact the manufacture for advice.

This POWER SUPPLY UNIT is supplied subject to our Terms & Conditions of Trade, a copy of which is available on request from Connect Communications, Tel 01366 728658


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