The MUTING RELAY MODULE is designed to be used with the INDUSTRIAL CONTEL and DESK CONTEL stations of the CONTEL SYSTEM. It can also be used anywhere a 24VDC supply is available as a simple relay switching unit.



Power Requirements: Supplied direct from the ConTel station.
Nominal 24VDC @ 50mA
Switching Capability: 5A Resistive 100VAC/30VDC.
1A Inductive 100W @ 100VAC.
Switching Contacts: 1 x DPCO.
Relay Control: Up to 3 ConTel stations.
Size: 85mm x 56mm x 40 mm (excluding cable glands).



T1 Line In A
T2 Line In B
T3 Line Out A
T4 Line Out B
T5 Switched Line Out A S1
T6 Switched Line Out B S1
T7 Switched Line Out A S2
T8 Switched Line Out B S2
T9 Control 1
T10 Control 2
T11 Control 3
T12 +24VDC

Note: S1 are the normally made contacts.

S2 are the normally open contacts.


The MUTING RELAY MODULE may be installed adjacent to the speaker(s) it is intended to control or adjacent to a ConTel Station. Cables must be as specified below. Cable entry is application dependant.
IP54 enclosures are available with appropriate glands if required under P/No CC2001/MR/IP54
Module Switching Control Connections

Figures 1 & 2 show the interconnections required when the MUTING RELAY MODULE is connected to a ConTel System. Power is supplied from the ConTel Station. Switching cables will be CW1308 (or similar).

Fig. 1 shows how to connect the MUTING RELAY MODULE when local speakers require switching,

e.g. muting local speakers (to prevent feedback) or activating remote speakers (for paging).

If required two additional ConTel stations may be connected. Connection is made from T5 on each ConTel to T10 and T11 on the MUTING RELAY MODULE.

It is only necessary to connect the closest ConTel stationís T6 to the MUTING RELAY MODULE's T12.

Fig. 2 shows how to connect the MUTING RELAY MODULE to operate when the ConTel station is active,

e.g. to mute local speakers when the ConTel station is switched on for paging or intercom use.

Fig. 3 shows how to operate the MUTING RELAY MODULE in other applications.

To operate the relay all that is necessary is to connect a control switch or similar sink across points A and B.

Two additional control switches may be connected. One to T10 and the other to T11 on the MUTING RELAY MODULE.

Many other applications are possible including speaker selection or dual circuit switching with multi-source systems. Please refer to additional information available from CONNECT COMMUNICATIONS.

Module Loudspeaker Connections

Figure 4 shows the interconnections required when the MUTING RELAY MODULE is connected to a ConTel SYSTEM specifically to mute local speakers to prevent feedback (see Fig 1 for switching control connections) Necessary power is supplied from the ConTel station. Loudspeaker cables will be .5mm 2192Y (or similar).


Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) directive. This equipment has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards. If connected and operated as set out in this manual there should be no Electromagnetic Compatibility problems. If any aspect of operation gives rise to concern, then please contact the manufacturer for advice.

This MUTING RELAY MODULE is supplied subject to our Terms & Conditions of Trade, a copy of which is available on request from Connect Communications, Tel 01366 728658


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