The ConTel system is an excellent voice communication system, often used in noisy environments where communication must be fast and efficient, in all its guises the system is simple to operate and extremely reliable.

· Noisy Environment
· Flexible
· Expandable
· Hostile Environment
· Bespoke product, made to suit
· IP rated enclosures
· Sounders/Xenon Beacons

Because we are the manufacturer of the ConTel system, we are able to offer considerable flexibility to suit specific applications. To date these have included direct and digitally delayed links to Public Address systems, selective calling, zoned calling, interfacing to audio/visual systems and, where required, IP rated enclosures, whilst always retaining simple and straightforward operation built into a mechanically robust system.

It has been manufactured and used successfully in a variety of applications some of which include Can Manufacturing, Food Processing Plants, Breweries, Research Laboratories, Card and Furniture Manufacturing and point to point Under-Bridge "Cherry-Pickers". ConTel system users include factories not only in the UK, but as far away as Turkey and Poland.

In the industrial environment, the standard ConTel system is very simple in use. The Racal Handset is the only part of the system which is handled by the users (except when the second channel facility or selective calling is to be incorporated), and it is almost indestructible. Each station is activated by a momentary squeeze of the handset trigger and it is then immediately available for PA or intercom use. After a pre-set (adjustable) period of time the unit resets, unless it remains in use, which eliminates the need to replace the handset so it can be left available for immediate re-use if required. An automatic timer eradicates the problems associated with a mechanical switch (ingress of dirt, moisture and more importantly, the possibility of the unit being left 'off-hook'). The tailored frequency response of the unit reduces transmission of machine noise whilst relaying the communication spectrum and a feedback circuit reduces sidetone to a minimum which enables received signals to be boosted to a high level, audible over the local ambient noise, even with ear-plugs if necessary!

The system normally operates in conjunction with a 100v line PA system. The loudspeakers are distributed to give coverage of the production areas (and offices, if required) and selected to overcome the local ambient noise and to reduce the possibility of excessive echo affecting intelligibility of the system. Loudspeaker positioning can provide coverage in any operational area, and particular emphasis is often given to the coverage of strategic positions, not necessarily adjacent to a ConTel, for either calling particular personnel to an adjacent ConTel for a discussion or for direct instructions to be relayed. The common speech channel on a standard system permits conferencing with more than two stations.

An office ConTel is available, providing exactly the same features as the standard industrial station, but is also available with an internal speaker for unobtrusive paging in quiet environments.

As additional ConTel stations or loudspeakers are required, the design of the system enables these to be added without wiring back to a central exchange and our local loudspeaker muting system is also designed with simplicity of installation and subsequent alteration in mind.

Detailed below are line drawings showing the various different configurations which can be achieved. As with all our range of equipment, we have the technical expertise to manufacture or modify equipment to suit particular applications, so if your particular special application does not appear below please contact us.


Standard System, anywhere to anywhere. Ideal where staff may be anywhere in a plant, and need to be contacted quickly. Calling by way of PA system, called party goes to nearest (strategically placed) ConTel and is automatically connected to the calling party.

Selective Call System, point to point. Used where staff are at particular work stations and are to be called directly. Calling may be by PA (zoned), Audio/Visual devices or interfacing to existing equipment.

Dual Circuit System, point to point/anywhere. A special application which was developed for a particular customer who needed to have a point to point system on particular lines, and a requirement to contact other key mobile staff.

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